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Hi! My name is Undi Gunawan, you can call me Undi. I'm student from Indonesia. Living in Banyumas, Central Java. Blogger at the weekend. I'm Admin in UNDI LIFE Blog


UNDI LIFE EPISODE is a personal blog that tells you about the favorite Idol like MattyB, JohnnyO, Benjamin Lasnier, Asa Butterfield, Thomas Sangster, David Parejo, youNow Star (including instagram star and Vine), Omar Arnaout, Mac Harmon and their latest photos. Favorite lyrics, Model, New Artist, Blogger Tips, Blogger Tutorial, Biography Idol, Fashion, Facts, including educational papers. And all that I love


UNDI LIFE EPISODE first was established on March 22, 2012 under the name "Undy's Blog", now renamed "UNDI LIFE EPISODE"at the end of December 2015. blog name "UNDI LIFE EPISODE" is inspired by the serial drama that has several episodes. and I think it's a good idea to name my blog with the suffix Episode. how do you think about that?
like the description of this blog "peel each episode of life, write or die". I do not know why I use that description to my blog


undy-blog.blogspot.com deleted by google, now move to undilife.blogspot.com with tittle UNDI LIFE EPISODE (29 July 2016)


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Email: undy.gun@gmail.com
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