Insurance: Let's Talk About Health Insurance

What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is a type of insurance product that is intended to provide health insurance to the insured if the insured has an illness or accident.

Health insurance is offered by insurance companies with a variety of options ranging from protecting the cost of hospitalization to hospitals to pre-treatment and post-hospitalization. In addition, Health Insurance now also provides guarantees for the costs of the normal delivery process and cesarean to the insured.

To get health insurance protection or benefits, each customer or Health Insurance policy holder is required to pay health insurance premiums periodically. The amount of the Health Insurance premium varies, the value is adjusted to the health condition of the insured, the level of risk, benefits and other provisions of the insurance company concerned. In contrast to BPJS Kesehatan, private insurance has several advantages that are not owned by BPJS Kesehatan such as superior in terms of speed, ease and flexibility in choosing a hospital. Treatment in all hospitals is basically accepted by insurance, both those that are collaborative (cashless) and not cooperation (reimbursement).

Why Need To Have Health Insurance?

Like a loan product, having Health Insurance can certainly provide various benefits in your life. If the question is necessary or not, the answer is of course necessary. Check out the following reasons:
  • By having Health Insurance you will not bother your family or relatives if you have an illness or must be treated in hospital for a certain period of time. With Health Insurance the costs of care and treatment will be borne by the insurance company so you don't need to worry
  • Health costs are increasing every year so that if you have health insurance you can pay for your treatment costs without spending large costs in the long run if you are critically ill or have to be hospitalized. In general, health costs in Indonesia have increased by 10-15% every year. The increase in health costs is also not offset by the calculation of salary increases, so the risk of losing assets or experiencing bankruptcy is huge if you are exposed to an illness.
  • The earlier youre age, the cheaper the insurance premium paid. This assessment is based on the risk of chronic diseases that can afflict you. The younger you are, the risk of chronic diseases will also be smaller and the cheaper the premium costs to pay.
  • Health insurance premium costs are quite cheap especially if you want to try using pure health insurance.
  • The existence of a cashless health insurance system that allows you only need to carry a special card provided by the insurance company to make it easier when making a claim.

Types of Health Insurance

Like car insurance and travel insurance, there are several types of health insurance in Indonesia which are differentiated based on several criteria, which are based on:

Treatment type
In-patient health insurance:
Health Insurance that costs care that requires patients to stay (hospitalized) in a hospital room.

Out-patient treatment:
Health insurance that finances patient care in the form of medical services such as observation, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and other health services that do not require patients to stay (hospitalized) at the hospital

Opt in
The purchase and payment of insurance for each individual is carried out compulsorily and follows certain rules such as an employee who must purchase an insurance policy in accordance with regulations in the company or organization where he works.

Purchase and payment of insurance for each individual is done freely, which means that according to the desires and needs of the individual without being bound by a company or organization rules.

Insured Party
The insurance company will provide protection to one individual (personally) in accordance with the conditions that apply in the insurance policy.

The insurance company will provide protection to certain groups (company or family members) of the same age with the terms and conditions of the policy (usually calculated based on the number of employees or family members insured).

Why Do You Need Health Insurance?

There are several reasons why you need health insurance, namely:
  • Provide health protection if you get sick at any time (drug replacement and examination) or want to do an examination of your illness.
  • Reduce costs incurred if you are forced to be treated (hospitalized) in the hospital when attacked by illness or accident and help reduce the cost of surgery or childbirth during an emergency.



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