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Kim Samuel For Ceci Magazine

A sixteen-year-old boy with two glistening eyes seemed to be born more glittering. I am glad to see the sixteen of the more anticipated Samuel.

In 'Nest Escape 2' I traveled abroad with my peers. It was always the youngest, surrounded by adults. It was the first time I traveled with my peers. I was a student because I was a student all over the world. Other friends feel awkward too. I woke up in the morning, woke up in the morning, set meals, listened to my luggage, and I was with my friends all day. I come to school after school, eating, playing soccer.

Kim Samuel For Ceci Magazine

What are the sixteen Samuel wants to talk about? I am learning new things. I still do not know much, it 's a lot to learn.

Kim Samuel For Ceci Magazine

I think that you are more mature than your peers as you started your social life early, but you still think you have a lot to learn. I'm particularly mature when I interview. Every time I interviewed 'Produce 101', I heard the story of 'tell me your original story'. Originally, it was so desperate that it seemed so.

Kim Samuel For Ceci Magazine

Now, the tone is just like sixteen. (Laughter) I started my practice life in my early teenage years and I also made my debut shortly, and I'm finally standing on the stage as a soloist. What was the driving force to continue running through various tasks? Music, and I really like dancing. Even when I'm in the bathroom, I always sing songs at home, and I keep my earphones on until I get to sleep. So I'm so happy on stage. I love it all these days.

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