3 Keyword research Youtube Video techniques Special for beginner

Research techniques Keywords Youtube Videos Special starters - Youtube originally known as the site to watch the video and also to share videos quickly and for free through the Internet, but along its development, now youtube able to become the giant search engines are often used internet users to search for content video, youtube even claims as the largest and most popular search engine after google search engine frequently used internet users to search for video content, and video content is the content most sought after content in the form of text.

Many people who are willing to make a video with various genres then upload them to youtube, the aim is not merely want to share a helpful information or would like to provide entertainment and etc, but one that is often targeted by the youtuber today is for earning on the internet through video upload youtube.

yes .. it turns out today youtube video could be one source to earn income from the internet by working with google adsense advertising media, so that the video can show ads from google adsense video uploader will get a dollar if ad-watched or get a click from youtube viewers.

the size of the revenue from youtube is strongly influenced by the number of views of video, with many view the video, the benefits to be derived from youtube will increase, and view video will increase as well, if the video you created easily found in youtube search engines and google search engine. therefore the task youtuber besides good at making videos and are also capable of presenting video orignal large amounts are involved seo optimization techniques on every video uploaded.

The initial step before youtube video optimization is keyword research. the goal is to find keywords for ideas title youtube videos and also tag youtube video that has a high search but very minimal competitors, this is one of optimization techniques youtube video so that the video has a very good opportunity to more easily found in search results youtube and also google search engine, so that you upload video in youtube sites have a greater potential to be visited and seen thousands or even millions of youtube viewers.

Seo optimization in the youtube video is not too different from the optimization seo for articles blogs in general, usually starts with a search for keyword ideas to be developed into video titles, and also to be included in the attributes of the video, such as tags and video description, then what tricks research keyword for youtube video ?, in this article I will try to give some keyword research techniques for your youtube video.

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3 Youtube Video Keyword research techniques for beginners

Here are the steps to keyword research for your youtube video so that the video has a greater potential to perform at the best youtube page:

1. Search for keyword ideas

There are two categories of presentation video youtube, the first to make a video first and then proceed with finding relevant keywords for the title of the video that has been created, and the second is Doing keyword research to find ideas and find keywords that are most requested and then afterwards make video with selected keywords.

Regardless of the steps taken is actually nothing wrong, but that should be considered is how to keep the keywords that are involved for the video, both for video title, video file name, for a description of the video and to tag vide, is relevant keywords that do have high search rate in youtube, because even if your video is extraordinary good, original and has HD quality, if you do not think of this step, I'm sure your video will not be any visitors.

How do I find keyword ideas:
There are several ways to search for and find keywords youtube video a few techniques that you can use are as follows:

1. Using Youtube auto suggestion
keyword suggestions that appear when users type in certain keywords in search youtube. keywords showing that you can make reference to the keywords that you can engage to your youtube video.

To get an idea of youtube auto keyword suggestion:
a. Just go to youtube
b. Then do a search using the keyword base you want to use for your video
c. youtube search will then show you the keywords relevant to the keywords you input.

Keywords that appear you can gather and engage for the title, description or tag your video.

2. Using youtube trends facilities
Youtube trends is a special facility provided by the youtube site to see the youtube videos that are trends in the last week, to see the trends of video you can participate to make such videos being trends and also you can follow how the titles of the videos presented, try to observe , merge, modify and involve keywords used to optimize the youtube video that you created.

3. Using google video trends
Google trends video is a product google to view the video information that is being trends in specific countries based on a specific time, as well as trends youtube but can choose the time and also the specific country.

4. View the title and tags used on the popular video
The next thing to look for keyword ideas for youtube video is by looking at the tags used in the videos that are currently popular, simply find your rival video, then see who has a high view, observe and examine the title tag is also used by the video. m'udah the best way is to install one extension google chrome "Tag for youtube.

Its use is quite simple, by installing it in a browser extension Google Chrome, then the tag information that is used by every video watched is displayed at the bottom of the video, as shown in the figure below:

Video Tags that you can follow, you can select and use for your video tags. you can collect the tags used in several popular videos that are relevant to your video, select and combine the tags that you think are relevant to your video.

5. View meta keywords your competitors youtube video
You lazy use google chrome ketensi above, the alternative is the keyword research you can use as well, namely by looking at the meta keywords popular youtube video that rivals your video. in a way:

a. Select the video you have a high view, and then play (play)
b. Right click and select menu view source or view page source code
c. On viewing the page source, please do search with the keywords, then you will be shown in the meta keywords, as shown below:

look, a set of keywords that use the video, select that have relevance to your video, then use to optimize your video.

6. Using Google Chrome Extensions SeoStack Keyword Tool
SeoStack Keyword tool is free tool to view and obtain keywords that are frequently used Internet users both in youtube and google search engine, this tool is simple, you can specify a target country, source search, and language.

Search results can be directly integrated with google keyword planner to see search volume or the number of searches for that keyword.

Its use is simple. after install, you can instantly activate and then do a search with the keywords you want, this tool displays the search results for use.

7. Use Ubersugest

Ubersugest is a free online tool to obtain relevant keywords that you input frequently used ornag to do a search on the Internet, either via a search engine or YouTube, you can choose the source of the search and also the state.

1. Please go to the site ubersuggest.io
2. Select Youtube and also state
3. Enter a keyword, then press suggets.

Uber suggest displays the keywords relevant to the keywords you input frequently used Internet users, these keywords you can use the google keyword analysis planner to see the disbursement volume for each keyword.

Keywords are displayed you can copy to google keyword planner search, to be known for the volume keywoard (each keyword), you can choose the keywords that have high search volume each month.

8. Using Keywords tool io.
such ubersuggest.io, keywordtool.io also has similar functionality, to try it out please go to the site keywordtool.io, then do a search and keywordtool.io will display similar keywords that can be aggregated to optimize your video.

2 - Find out the Keyword Popularity

If the keyword research for the blog, the popularity of keywords we usually use google keyword planner, to see the popularity of youtube keywords, is easy enough, just do it the keywords that you choose in the search youtube, then look at the video search results, observe the age of video and view video, if the video is still young age and view videos have already reached millions of view, it means that the keywords you use have a good popularity. and vice versa.

3 - Use keywords to optimize your youtube video

Once you get the best keywords for your video, your next step is to use keywords that you have collected these for your video optimization, multiple placement of keywords for optimization of your video are as follows:

a. Use keywords to video file name
For example, if the keyword video you take, "Obama funny video" then you can use the file name obama-funny-video.mp4 "and so forth.

b. Also use keywords in property video
Before you upload your video, please set your video property involve keyword in it, how:
-Right Click your video file, then select Properties
-Enable Details tab

This information can only be read to understand the content of the video by google search, so that will increase the relevance of the keyword video search and video will be potentially more easily appear in the search results youtube.

c. Use keywords in the title of the video
It is also very important, after the video has finished uploaded, before it was published please do not forget to use your targeted keywords in the title of your video, do not forget to include elements that can make a visitor attraction so curious to see your video.

d. Involve keywords in tags Video
Tags entered will be generated by youtube become keywords for the video, and to search youtube tags are very important to improve the relevance of video yotube you, after the video has finished uploading, before you publish do not forget please enter tags that you choose, if more than one separate them with commas.

e. Involve key words in the description of the video
Description of the video you can also increase the relevance of search for videos by keyword, please engage your main keyword, similar keywords and keyword content of your video in the video description, create a description as interesting and relevant as possible with your video content.


The popularity of video and ease of your video to be displayed on the search results youtube will depend with the keywords you select, as well as seo optimization which you engage, the reputation of the video also became the calculations, if every visitor is able to linger watching all your videos, much to like and comment on your video, then it could signal that the reputation of your video should be appreciated. so it will be easier video appeared on youtube search results, therefore, in addition to optimization of the quality and video originilitas also noteworthy.
Consistency video publishing and also the role of backlinks is also quite helpful to increase the popularity of your video, please promote your video on social media, embed the videos on relevant blogs and also get up backlinks on blogs relevant to the video you are. With optimal keyword research and optimization of the appropriate video, your video will have an excellent opportunity for easily to find, many thousands of visitors watched so can you earn and that means dollars from google adsense can be found easily.


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